The Team

The Frontier Microscopy Team

We are visionaries creating positive world change through technology.

We are kindred building strength through diversity and understanding.

We are communicative and honest, embracing mistakes as moments to grow.

We value balance in life, deriving meaning from work and play.

We are each contrarian to the benefit of all.

We are students of life with a mind to grow.

Jordan Gruber
Jordan is the product manager, sales and marketing lead, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechatronic Engineering (Hons.).
Gábor Szijártó
Gábor provides deep technical expertise in the fields of Robotics and Computer Vision. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical engineering (Hons.).
Nick Lammertyn
Web/Mobile Engineer
Nick develops and maintains the Frontier Microscopy Management Suite, and is also a novice machine learning and computer vision engineer.
Graham Hartland
Graham is our CCO with decades of experience in commercialising new technologies.

Advisory Panel

Doug Adamson
MD @ DNA Innovation
Stuart Snyder
CFO @ YourAmigo (ret.)
Dr Ian Cody
Sr. Scientific Advisor @ ExxonMobil (ret.)
Nick Crocker
General Partner @ Blackbird Ventures