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Join the Frontier Microscopy Team

Frontier Microscopy is a deep tech startup founded in early 2016. Our mission is to accelerate discovery by empowering scientists with intuitive technology to simplify automation of microscope analyses.

We apply cutting edge robotics and AI to automate labour intensive microscope analysis. Our tech will accelerate scientific discovery by allowing scientists to simply automate mindless and repetitive microscopy. We may even play a huge part in curing cancers of the world!

Watch our Pitch at Startmate Melbourne Demo Day, 2017

Positions Available

Full Stack JavaScript Engineer (full-time, remote)

Job Responsibilities

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining and extending our Management Suite web/mobile SaaS product backend and frontend. 
  • Performing cloud integration activities for our Marvin automated microscopy system.
  • Development of our visionary microscopy automation platform.


You must have advanced skills in all of the following or similar technologies.

  • Advanced proficiency in Javascript.
  • MeteorJs (Blaze + React + NodeJs)
  • React Native
  • Docker and kubernetes
  • RESTful API implementation.
  • Amazon Web Services - EC2, S3, Lambda.
  • Git workflows.

Hiring Process

  1. Survey - applicants to complete 5-10 minute survey by Sunday 11.59pm UTC
  2. Interviews - 10 shortlisted applicants will be interviewed (20-30 minutes)
  3. Project - 3 applicants will be given a short  3 day paid project.

This position has been filled!

C++ Engineer (4-6 week contract, Adelaide)

You will work closely in person at ThincLab with the core engineering team to complete development and integration of our robotic microscope platform for our Marvin product. We are a small team that moves fast, expect to be challenged!

What you would do

  • Work with existing engineering team to develop detailed engineering specifications.
  • Develop C++ dynamic libraries for control of our bespoke motorised microscope. Think limit switches, stepper motors, position sensors...
  • Contribute to development of our Qt based application for our automated microscopy product, Marvin.
  • There's always more work!

What's in it for you?

  • Work with a global early stage technology startup team. (
  • Get a headstart in the global startup ecosystem with a Startmate alumni company (
  • Be part of an important global mission.
  • Potential for continuing employment.
  • Be yourself! 😀

Hiring Process

  1. Survey - Applicants to complete the skills assessment survey. (<2 minutes)
  2. Interviews - 5 shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview in person at ThincLab.
  3. Selection - Within 10 days final selection of contractor will be made.

Applicants must be living in or able to re-locate to Adelaide for this position.

This position has been filled!