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Frontier Microscopy is bringing the power of AI to the untapped
$103B Environmental Monitoring and Remediation industry

Context: Mold and asbestos are serious health hazards in homes and offices.

  • Mold is a leading cause of death for the immunocompromised (10M Americans, NIH 2023).
  • Children exposed to mold are 3x more likely to develop asthma; 70% of US homes have molds.
  • 4.6M out of 21.8M people (21%) with asthma in the U.S. are due to dampness and mold exposure in their homes. (EPA and Berkeley National Laboratory, 2007).
  • Estimated economic costs of mold and asbestos related illness exceed $70B per year.

Problem: Professional mold testing costs ~$140K for an average apartment building of 200 units ($600 / home) and consumers cannot properly test for mold themselves.

Solution: Introducing the MARVIN platform, the next generation of mold and asbestos monitoring. Through the MARVIN platform we can reduce professional mold/asbestos monitoring costs by as much as 70%, and are the first to enable consumers to monitor for airborne mold in their own home. Our platform consists of three key technologies:

  1. MARVIN lens (launched Feb 2023), patented AI powered microscope system for identifying and quantifying over a dozen toxic molds (and asbestos) from site air and swab samples;
  2. MARVIN air (launched Feb 2024), world first consumer airborne mold sampling device and service; and
  3. MARVIN sage (TBA, 2024), AI agent for interpreting monitoring results and troubleshooting issues.

Traction: As of Feb 2024, MARVIN lens technology has grossed $300K in revenue with $200K revenues expected for Q2 2024. MARVIN lens has a customer retention rate of 77%, validating a strong product-market fit. MARVIN air achieved 15 sales in its first week of launch, with a 6% click-through-rate on experimental paid advertising from $100 of ad spend (10x what is considered good CTR). 

Team: Frontier is led by a team of robotics and AI experts (Jordan Gruber, CEO and Founder; Gabor Szijarto, CTO) and environmental services experts (Mike Nguyen, Chief Scientist; Doug Paule, Sales Director) who have 12+ years of experience in robotics and AI, and scaling mold/asbestos monitoring services

Fundraise: Frontier is raising money to scale the deployment and sales to handle their increasing customer base.

Based in San Francisco, California, we are alumni of the UC Berkeley SkyDeck program (top 1.5% of applicants), and backed by angel and institutional investors.

We’re currently fielding investment on competitive terms. Email us to setup a time to talk, or register your interest through our google form for additional investor materials.

We will be hosting an invite only investor dinner in San Francisco on Thursday February 29th, 2024. Zoom attendees welcome.

Jordan Gruber
CEO & Founder