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Saturation of asbestos monitoring services has driven the market to its extremes. Your clients now demand same day results, regulators require onerous reporting, leading to your staff being pushed to their limits! This has impacted your bottom-line, increased staff attrition, increased litigation risk, and may even have lowered your service quality.

Frontier Microscopy is set to change the industry forever. We're on a Mission to better protect your people during asbestos remediation. Our frontier technology expedites the remediation process, standardises best practice, and provides superior traceability over existing systems.



marvin microscope microscopy automated asbestos



marvin microscope microscopy automated asbestos

Supercharge Your Laboratory

Marvin is designed for high-throughput analysis of air filter samples for detection of asbestos and Synthetic Mineral Fibres (SMF). Marvin can perform analysis in under 60 seconds for up to 600 filter samples per day!

  • Opportunity to increase business volume.
  • Less lab work creates valuable consulting time.
  • Same day results for customers without staff overtime.
  • Increase profit from analysis services and consulting.

Marvin is due for launch in 2018.

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How does Marvin work?

Marvin is advanced robotics and has been in development since early 2016. He adheres to the Membrane Filter Method of analysis and counts fibres as per the rules outlined in the universally accepted standard. Marvin performs preparation quality assessment using the Macro-imaging attachment, scanning of the sample on its high speed robotic stage, and counting of fibres using its real-time image processing software. This means that anyone can operate use Marvin as Marvin can reject samples of poor quality automatically!

Why haven't we used Deep Learning?

Unlike deep learning based approaches Marvin's software is capable of analysing any particle and determining if it is a fibre or not using logical rules. This varies considerably from deep learning approaches which do not apply geometric counting rules and can often over or underestimate resultant counts. Unlike deep learning Marvin's logic driven approach can be performed in realtime during the scan enabling analysis to be conducted in under a minute no matter the particle loading! The New York Times published a great article on limitations of deep learning that you can read here: Can A.I. Be Taught to Explain Itself?

Is Marvin Accurate?

Marvin has been engineered to have the same performance as skilled human counters. In this experiment we captured several thousand images of samples under the microscope. Each image was counted by human counters using a digital graticule, and then counted by Marvin. The results were outstanding, with Marvin consistently performing on par with our reference counters.

When will Marvin be available?

As of August 2018 Marvin has been internally validated. Before the end of October 2018 Marvin will be installed into a world renowned third party laboratory that will supervise formal validation experiments. A collections of samples containing different fibre types, preparation quality, particle densities, will be blind analysed by a selection of laboratories across Australia. Following this Marvin will analyse those same samples and results will be compared to prove Marvin's accuracy. Given the internal results we expect Marvin to pass with flying colours and be ready for international release by 2019 with limited units available. Through early 2019 we'll be ramping up manufacture to meet demand.

Marvin due for launch in 2018!





Unify Everyday Operations

The Frontier Microscopy Management Suite is a secure web & mobile software designed for day-to-day air monitoring operations. It significantly increases air monitoring job efficiency by automating field data collection, analysis, reporting, and client communication.

  • Fully integrated with Marvin.
  • Perform additional consulting jobs through time saved.
  • Seamless communication between office, field, lab, and clients.

The Management Suite is available today through the 7-Day Free Trial!

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After a 4 month industry pilot the Management Suite is ready for primetime! Since filming we've extended the Management Suite with equipment management tools, more thorough data recording, vast improvements to activity feed, and job auditing for accreditation efficiency.

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