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Saturation of asbestos monitoring services has driven the market to its extremes. Your clients now demand same day results, regulators require onerous reporting, leading to your staff being pushed to their limits! This has impacted your bottom-line, increased staff attrition, increased litigation risk, and may even have lowered your service quality.

Frontier Microscopy is set to change the industry forever. We're on a Mission to better protect your people during asbestos remediation. Our frontier technology expedites the remediation process, standardises best practice, and provides superior traceability over existing systems.



marvin microscope microscopy automated asbestos



marvin microscope microscopy automated asbestos

Supercharge Your Laboratory

Marvin is designed for high-throughput analysis of air filter samples for detection of asbestos and Synthetic Mineral Fibres (SMF). Marvin can perform up to 600 filter sample analysis per day unsupervised.

  • Opportunity to increase business volume.
  • Less lab work creates valuable consulting time.
  • Same day results for customers without staff overtime.
  • Increase profit from analysis services and consulting.

Marvin is due for launch in 2018.

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Unify Everyday Operations

The Frontier Microscopy Management Suite is a secure web & mobile software designed for day-to-day air monitoring operations. It significantly increases air monitoring job efficiency by automating field data collection, analysis, reporting, and client communication.

  • Fully integrated with Marvin.
  • Perform additional consulting jobs through time saved.
  • Seamless communication between office, field, lab, and clients.

The Management Suite is available today through the 7-Day Free Trial!

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After a 4 month industry pilot the Management Suite is ready for primetime! Since filming we've extended the Management Suite with equipment management tools, more thorough data recording, vast improvements to activity feed, and job auditing for accreditation efficiency.

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